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A revolution in gluten free brewing and flavour!

Beer is usually made from barley and/or wheat. Australian Koala Beer Pty Ltd, has had a technical breakthrough with alternative grains that do not contain gluten, to produce quality Gluten Free beers at a reasonable price.

Wilde Beer is the only beer in the world to be certified FODMAP Friendly. Read more.

And yes, WILDE Gluten Free Pale Ale tastes like normal beer! In fact it has been tasted by over 50,000 visitors to the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Gluten Free Expos, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to overwhelmingly positive feedback. The new WILDE Gluten Free Raspberry Ale has been tasted by 15,000 tasters at the Launch, beer festivals, Good Food and Wine, and Gluten Free Expos and the tasters loved it!

WILDE Beer is not only a beer for the gluten-intolerant but one of Australia's top craft beers, period.

Gluten Free Pale Ale

Gluten Free Pale Ale

WILDE Gluten Free Pale Ale presents as a flavoursome golden-hued pale ale with a full smooth mouth-feel that is both satisfying and refreshing.

Gluten Free Raspberry Ale

Gluten Free Raspberry Ale

WILDE Gluten Free Raspberry Ale contains fresh raspberries giving a delightful pink hue, raspberry aroma and fruity balance to the bitterness of the varietal hops.

Gluten Free Paleo Ale

Gluten Free Paleo Ale

WILDE Gluten Free Paleo Ale is planned for 2017 to contain ancient grains, fruits and herbs which will complement the healthy paleo lifestyle. Just 2% alcohol.

We have always tried to cater for our celiac customers by ranging good quality gluten – free beer. It wasn’t always easy, with several brands not suiting the health requirements of some customers and other beer brands were just too expensive. All issues solved with Wilde’s Gluten Free Pale Ale, 4.5% ABV and their new addition, Raspberry Pale Ale that is 3.0% ABV. My customers are very happy that I stock a reasonably priced, quality GF beer that they can drink regularly without any side effects. Wilde beers are also enjoyed by my non celiac customers as well. Thank you.

John Owens / Fennell Bay Cellars

John Owens

This is the nicest ale I’ve tried in Australia. Please bring it to England!

Carl / Customer


Hi, just tried your WILDE gluten free beer and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much. I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago and it’s been difficult finding a decent beer …… Thanks again, and i’m buying a case next week!!!!

Courtney / Customer


I have also just discovered WILDE GLUTEN-FREE PALE ALE and I would be delighted to be able to purchase it from your establishment. The superior taste and more affordable price is a welcome surprise, and I am sure there will be many gluten-intolerant and celiac customers who would also enjoy WILDE.

John / Customer


First gluten free beer I’ve ever liked…… in fact LOVED!! It’s lovely.

Kath Brannan / Customer

Kath Brannan

Very Nice, Beautiful, Refreshing.

M. Borg / Customer

M. Borg

Beautiful, fruity flavor and yummy beer. Yum

Malc / Customer


WILDE is a cracker of a beer, at the best price I know of. [It] outsells the rest of the Gluten Free range 2 to 1. My father is a Coeliac and has tried them all, Wilde is the only one he will drink now.

Manager, Warners at the Bay / Voted Best Craft Beer Store 2011

Manager, Warners at the Bay

I loved it. I tried other gluten free beer but this one is the best!

Marg / Customer


Just tried the WILDE Raspberry WOW would be refreshing on a hot day. Very interesting flavor!

Mark / Customer


I also grabbed a ctn of the Raspberry Pale for the shop. It’s a cool product, good flavour profile versus dry finish.

Mike Clark, Manager / The Cellar – Byron Plaza

Mike Clark, Manager

The best beer I have tasted in AU Fantastic !!

Rob NZ / Customer

Rob NZ

I was expecting the WILDE Raspberry to be sweet and girly but it was great.

Tim / Customer


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