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WILDE Interview Questions

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Newcastle Herald's Food & Wine journalist, Kate Tarala, recently caught up with one of the faces behind WILDE, Chris Gordon, to chat about the award-winning, gluten-free beer range.

Why Gluten Free Beer?
Is it difficult to make Gluten Free Beer?
Does it taste like normal beer?
What are the brewing processes and ingredients involved?
How do these differ from more conventional brewing?
What beer styles or flavour profiles are in the WILDE Gluten Free beer range?
What is the difference between WILDE Pale Ale and WILDE Raspberry Pale Ale?
Is the WILDE Raspberry Gluten Free Pale Ale made from real raspberries?
What awards have WILDE Beers won?
Where can I buy WILDE Gluten Free Beer?
Where and when was WILDE Raspberry launched?
What are the advantages of Gluten Free and Preservative Free beer?

Click the following link to read the article Wilde gluten-free beer gives barley the boot

WILDE Product Launch

Monday, November 02, 2015

In preparation for our new product launch party we collaborated on a photo shoot with Wild Minds (fashion line) and Sydney Fox Rescue.

We love WILDE animals and our native Australian Species, so supporting a fox charity may at first seem strange. Sydney Fox Rescues works to remove baby foxes out of the wild, de-sex and vaccinate them and re-home them with families who have appropriate cages and skills. They are never released into the wild and are quite affectionate animals!

We are in support of an organization that uses a humane method to protect our native species and natural environment, as well as to help the farmers.

On this occasion our slogan #gowildebefree is a bit tongue in cheek since this guy has a harness and GPS tracker!

New van goes WILDE!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Our new VW Caddy van sure is looking fine with this signwriting!