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Wilde Dark Ale

Monday, September 18, 2017

We went viral! After a recent Facebook post about our plans to develop a Dark Ale recently went viral to over twenty thousand people and attracted loads of comments and likes we decided to get serious with our plans. We launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to make it possible.

You can find the campaign here:


WILDE is the only beer in the world to be CERTIFIED FODMAP FRIENDLY!

And if you don't know what that is, be glad.......But there are millions of people in the world who unfortunately do know! (FODMAPs are a group of sugar compounds to which 14% of Australians appear to be intolerant and that can trigger inflammatory reactions in the
gut, like bloating, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea or constipation.)

We didn't realise at first just how important it would be to people with IBS and other digestive issues to have our beers on
their "safe foods" list. Whilst Wilde beers are enjoyed by many craft beer lovers across Australia, to the coeliac or IBS sufferer
we are more than just enjoyable...We are LIFE CHANGING. Our first two beers have given their quality of life a massive boost. Now they
can enjoy social events, dine out with a beverage, or celebrate a special occasion without the uncomfortable repercussions.

And next you asked us for another choice to improve your lifestyle.

We think you deserve it!

In response to the many requests we have received from our customers we had been making experimental batches with the goal of
releasing a gluten free dark beer in 2017. But what if we could produce a dark beer that was also certified as FODMAP friendly?
It's never been done before.

The Wilde Beer Team Wilde Beer is proudly a family owned and run Australian business. We have been able to enhance the lives of many thousands of people, as they can now safely enjoy a beer when previously they could not, due to serious digestive issues caused by others beers which contained gluten and FODMAPS. It gives us a thrill to receive the thousands of thank you messages and accolades from grateful drinkers who rave about the taste of our beers. 

"Just wanted to say thankyou to the awesome people at Wilde for bringing this beer into my life. Have been diagnosed with celiacs for 2 years now and the other day had seen your flyer so i went out same day and bought myself a six pack of Wilde pale ale to try and to my suprise it is the best gluten free beer i have tasted in 2 years that actually taste like an awesome beer and not watered down whine pilsner so thankyou so much for giving me something back that i have missed out on for so long (being a beer lover). You will be in my fridge until i die"

The idea of an alcoholic beverage that can align with the health and wellness industry is such an exciting concept, and we are so passionate about pursuing this. We are on the forefront of something that has never been done before. Continuing to develop our unique
range of Gluten free + FODMAP friendly beers is our goal.

So now we need YOUR SUPPORT to keep the #wellbeering flowing.

It requires a substantial financial commitment to do the research and development for a dark beer that has almost no residual sugar
while maintaining a good flavour profile. Juggling this unique combination will be challenging, but it's what makes this project so

You can take part in the development of a truly unique, never-been-done-before beer.  Be part of the team as we all progress
towards our common goal.

Help WILDE go wild.............Let's make WILDE DARK BEER together for all to enjoy!


The Wilde Beer Team

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